Facts About Emergency Roof Repair

Most of us don’t realize that the roof is the most important part of our home. It keeps out the elements and protects us from the ravages bad weather. Serious damage to our roofs also greatly impacts the comfort and safety of our houses. What would you do if a tree fell on your house in the middle of the night? Who would call to get your home back in a livable condition? The fact is that emergency roof repair services are much more important than you might think.

Once a roof has been severely damaged, it’s important to start repairs right away. Water infiltration and leaks can start to damage the house structure almost immediately. It’s necessary that a protective cover or intermediate repair job be performed soon, in order to preserve a home’s integrity. This way further damage is averted and more time is bought to start proper repairs.

There can many causes for roof damage, the most common being storms and severe weather. Strong winds of 50 MPH or more can tear the shingles from a roof and expose vulnerable layers. In addition debris (tree limbs, branches, small stones, etc..) can be whipped-up and slammed against the roof by strong winds. In all of these cases it’s important to have emergency repairs made as soon as it’s possible.

Once the storm is over an roofing specialist can come out and safely assess the damage. Heavy rains, high winds, and storm conditions can be dangerous to workers, this is why the repair crew will wait until the weather permits. In case of fire, the emergency repair team may wait until given an all clear by a building inspector. This is because fire can cause unseen damage to the house’s internal support structure. Once it’s been established that it’s safe to access the roof, the team will begin emergency repairs.

It’s never advisable to for a homeowner to try an repair like this on his or her own. This is a dangerous and highly specialized type of home repair. Emergency roof repair specialists have received training and certification for the work they do. Most of the repair work they do requires specific knowledge and safety precautions.

Don’t climb up on the roof yourself, if there is damage do your best to document by taking pictures. If the insurance company wants to know more they will send out their own claim specialist to document and photograph the damage. Avoid climbing up ladders or balancing on unstable surfaces in order to take pictures of a damaged roof. Keep your feet safely on the ground and take the best pictures you can from a distance.

A search for roofing contractors or repair roof should turn up plenty of results in your area. Always make sure that any roof repair specialist you hire is fully licensed and insured. This information should be available on their website or advertisement. Avoid “fly by night” roofers who appear from out of town after a huge storm has hit. Many times these are disreputable “storm chasers” who aren’t properly trained and perform shoddy repairs. Always choose a local and recognized roofing company with a good Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating.