Standing Seam Metal Roofing Facts

Asphalt shingles were the only option for roofing materials for the longest time. In fact, there were very few alternatives available. If you were wanted to try a different material, the choices were few and expensive.

Options like standing seam metal roofs were far out of the reach of the average homeowner. This durable roofing style was confined to use in commercial buildings or pricey residential projects. These days the technology has advanced, which has made this style of roofing more widely available.

This doesn’t mean that asphalt and composition shingles are going away. It just means that today’s homeowner has more options available than ever before.

In fact, asphalt and composition roofing are much cheaper. This means that a roof replacement can be done without completely breaking the bank. However, since asphalt is a petroleum product, prices can spike. Another problem with this type of shingle, is they have a tendency to break lose. So longevity can be an issue.

This roofing really are a more long-lasting option. Not only does it use more durable installation techniques and materials, most homeowners will discover other benefits. While typically more expensive, seam roofing pays off in the long run, due to its longevity.

If you notice a house with a metal roof in your neighborhood, chances are it’s of the same variety of roof. You should notice that it’s composed of continuous panels, which run from the ridge to the eaves. Each of these panels is connected by sturdy fasteners, which might protrude slightly above the surface. This distinctive feature is where the term comes from, as the seam is raised as opposed to being flush.

In general seam fasteners tend to be somewhere between 0.5” to 1.5” tall. Despite this the seams should appear to form a smooth and even edge from top to bottom. The panels for this type of roof usually come pre-formed or are formed on site.

The pre-formed varieties are completely created in the factory. While site-formed panels, are made using a mobile forming machine. This machine forms the panels from sheets of metal pass through it. In general, these panels are made from coated galvanized steel, or aluminum. The usual width is generally between 12 to 19 inches.

One strong advantage of this metal roof is its durability. As you may already know, the weak point in most roofs is the seam. This is a potential entry point for the elements and moisture. These roofs are seamed in such a way, which protects them from these factors.

Due to the fact that the metal panels run continuously from the top to the bottom of the roof, there aren’t any horizontal seams. In fact there are few numbers of seams all together.

This particular roofing is also very tough. While it’s not impervious, the sheet metal in this type of roofing can withstand quite a bit of punishment. It can also be painted in variety of light reflective colors. This includes recommended colors that can help prevent solar heat gain.

While it can be a wonderful investment there are few things to keep in mind. For one, there are fewer contractors available who are able to install it. This means that it might take you awhile to find a competent roofer to install your metal roof. Also, be prepared to pay somewhat higher installation costs, due the lack of market competition.

When it comes down to it, deciding to install a standing seam roof is an excellent choice. You will have a roof that is guaranteed to last a very long time. While your initial costs may be high, you save money over time, due to less costly repairs.