Copper Roofing Provides Aesthetic Appeal And Unmatched Durability

In recent years, the roofing industry and consumers saw the metal roof trend resurface. Now, there is another type of roof that is really making a name for itself. Copper roofing is not something new, but it sure is grabbing the attention of people everywhere as they see not only how durable this type of material is, but also how it can transform the look of any type of home and provide aesthetic appeal.

If you are not familiar with this type of roof and would like to know about examples, there are existing buildings that have copper roofs in place from over a century ago. That should tell you something when you’re thinking about the durability of this type of roof. Talk about a lifetime warranty!

Considering the cost of putting a new roof on your home and the importance of the process, wouldn’t you like to put one on that looks great and doesn’t leave you having to pony up the money 10, 15 or even 20 years later? That’s the bargain here. When wondering about comparing roofing materials and how they react to outside elements, understand that copper ranks very highly.

Not only are these roofs long lasting, but they are also very low maintenance. As copper weathers, it also continues to provide that aesthetic appeal. For example, you get those nice bronze tones, and after years and years, the copper transitions into a very beautiful green patina finish. Now, you can slow down this transformation if you like by using certain products that hinder the weathering of copper.

Say you do put a copper roof on your home, and then years and years later you decide that you’re going to need a new roof. You do remember that copper has salvage value right? Old shingles and stuff like that cannot be scrapped, but you can certainly scrap that copper! And, this works great to offset costs of having to replace the roof. Of course, that is dependent upon whether you ever have to replace your copper roof at all!

There are different types of roof structures. The great thing about copper when it comes to accommodating these different structures is its malleability and ductility. As well, people also hear copper and they think expensive! However, it’s a very economical solution all things considered, and it is a nice asset to have a roof like this on your home. Remember the roof protects your home, and a copper roof definitely adds value!

If you’re wondering what copper roofing looks like, it is formed into sheets and subsequently formed into pans. Take a look at some pictures of different homes that have this type of metal. You’ll likely fall in love with this option right away. Understand too that not all roofing manufacturers handle materials in the same way. When choosing a company, ask them about their processes and compare to what you have found out about other similar products. Most surface preparations are about the same, but there are differences in materials used for installation and such.

It is very important that a reputable company installs your copper roof, as it would be with any roof. However, specifically remember that the copper roof is intended to last for years and years. Since copper conducts heat, this is one reason and example of how you want to ensure that the installation process is done properly.

Copper as a precious metal and as a construction material is definitely not a recent development as mentioned. It has an extensive history of architectural uses, and it is now making a splash in the modern roof industry as a preferred choice. While it definitely has been used for years and years, the industry is seeing more and more types of buildings using copper as a roofing solution.

When you have a choice that combines practicality with aesthetic appeal, you can’t go wrong. Are there are copper roofs in your neighborhood yet? If not, then you can be the trendsetter in your area. No doubt your neighbors will be admiring your roof and will want to get one of their own. Look at your options and make that call to a roofing company to get started.