All You Need To Know About Flat Roof Repair

When it comes to roofing, flat roofs rank as among the most popular primarily owed to their allure and appeal they add on a home or structure. However, they have in the past had bad reputation for being prone to damages and because they are expensive to maintain. Contrary to common perception, fixing a roof problem doesn’t have to be an expensive one if the right measures and steps are taken in a proper manner and a timely basis as well.

Flat roofs entail a host of systems ranging from guttering to thermal insulation and vapor barriers to abutments and a parapet. The numerous systems can indeed make the repairing process quite daunting and complicated. Technological advancements have however, done the roofing solution more good, and now you are likely get lengthy guarantees attached to them. With this said, what are the steps involved in flat roof repair?

Problem Detection:

In any roof related problem or issue, identification of the root cause should always be the initial step taken in tackling the menace. With flat roofs, this can be quite hard especially if you are not acquainted to a few D.I.Y tips here and there. It is essential to know that leaks are usually brought about by a number of factors hence paramount to identify what specifically is causing the leak prior to taking any sort of action. Start by checking the covering for “ponding” which can be detected through growth of plants or stains.

Poor design and installation of flat roofs are usually responsible for leaks and it is advisable to check for dents or cracks around corners and ventilation. Most likely, a roof nail head or two are missing or worn out by rust if not a gutter puncture. Carefully inspecting at the right spots can go a long way in making the process less daunting and such spots also include junctures at where roofs meet, or around the chimney area alongside others.

Course of Action – Repair or Re-cover:

As we saw, repairing your flat roof need not be expensive and for just a few bucks, you should be able to get yourself a comprehensive D.I.Y repair kit that entails specialized tapes and adhesives. It would be essential to know that the best time to repair your flat roof is after a spell of extremely dry weather which tends to dry out roofs with a felt covering.

There are numerous types of repairs you can opt for besides patching up broken pieces with adhesives. You can consider placing a new overlay which is ideal for mending the water proof membrane. This is inexpensive and effective as the existing deck is maintained whereas all leaks are dealt with. The process usually consists of placing the new membrane complete with a layer of ballast and insulation over the existing one. There is also the option of adding a waterproof membrane and insulation over the existing one. Your last bet would only be a full overhaul which includes replacing the deck and membranes which you shouldn’t do yourself if future problems are to be avoided.